Great News! Now offering doTerra Essential Oil Products

Hi Guys!

Hope you all are surviving this cold wave we've been having recently.  It's even cold here at the beach.  Brrrrr!  The cold weather has always been hard on my muscles and joints due to an autoimmune condition I have.  For years I've been searching for products that would offer some relief.  I've tried tons of companies.... BioFreeze, Doc Watson, Sombra, Revive Sore No More, and many more drugstore brand products.  The only product that consistently seems to work for me is doTerra's Deep Blue.  It has been a game changer for me in dealing with sciatic.  So for that and many more reasons, I decided to become a Wellness Advocate with the doTerra company.  I'm so excited!  They have a wonderful line of essential oils, home care products, personal care, products and much more!  Since Covid began in 2020 I feel like my health and wellness has taken a back seat.  In anticipation of my 62nd birthday in July, I've decided to go all in to get healthy and find the best version of myself.  Each week I hope to feature something new going on in the shop, a new product I'm featuring or maybe just share a great healthy recipe with you!   Stay tuned and be well!

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