Hi Friends!
Just a quick update regarding our show schedule!  It's been difficult to keep this page updated as the changes seem to occur daily.  At this point we have sadly had to push all our events to 2021.  We had hoped to begin doing events again in the Fall but a very large "unexpected" home renovation project has now entered into the picture.  Also, even though things seem to be improving with Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, we are very uncomfortable doing these events that have 10,000+ in attendance, even if they are outdoors.  Social distancing at these events would be impossible to say the least.  Since I do have an autoimmune condition and with my husband's age, we have to be extra careful.  
In the meantime, ordering online is still a great option!  If you are local to St. Augustine, we would gladly meet you for pickup to save on delivery fees.  Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.   
Thanks so much for continuing to support our business, especially in this ever-changing new environment!
Kind regards,
Rita and Joe
Date                                  Event                                       Location________
Jan. 9-10               Vero Beach Home & Patio                   Vero Beach, FL